11 Home Remedies for Treating Vaginal Tearing Quickly

Every woman goes through the transformational experience when she delivers a baby. It brings on a number of physical as well as physiological changes in the woman. The outer layer of the vagina becomes thin when she gives birth to a baby. This at times causes tears and lacerations. This is most common with the vaginal deliveries.

Women who have given birth to a baby the first time are at more risk of a vaginal tear. In many cases, these get cured the natural way and do not need any stitches. Such tears are known are first-degree tears and heal on their own. However, the second-degree tears can be a little severe where even the muscle has tears and needs stitching.

There are few home remedies that you can follow if you are suffering from a vaginal tear. Let us have a look at them.

Use Ice Packs

The use of ice packs will help cure the stitches as well help in the healing of the tear. They also provide a soothing relief when you have swelling. The ice pack also helps to stop any bleeding you have. If you have pain and inflammation, use of ice packs for every two-three hours will numb the area and provide the much-needed relief from the pain.


Always Keep the Area Clean and Dry

Even a minor tear and turn into a very serious infection if it is ignored. The affected area needs to kept clean and dry always. If you are having stitches, always bathe in warm water so that the area remains clean and make sure you dry it well too.

The Pelvic Floor Exercises

The Pelvic floor of the mother gets stretched during the time of giving birth to a baby. So, it is good to start doing the pelvic floor exercises as it promotes the blood flow in the pelvic area. This, in turn, helps in the faster healing of the wound or the stitches. Also, you need to remember that the pelvic floor exercises to not cause any damage to the stitches you have.

Take Stool Softeners

You can take stool softeners to improve the bowel movement. If you are having hard stools, it can further cause damage to the wound due to the additional pressure. This can also worsen the tear you have. So, it is better you ask your doctor for a stool softener that helps with smooth bowel movements.

Have a Proper Diet

You can even speed up the healing process by following a proper diet. You can take foods that are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc as it fastens the healing process. You can even have a smooth bowel movement due to this. You can have foods that do not cause any constipation like eggs, white bread, vegetables and ripe fruits.

Have Enough Sleep

It is hard for a new mother to get enough sleep but you need to take good rest whenever you find it possible. Taking rest will make sure your wound heals much faster. Having excess movement can also delay the healing process and also delays the blood clotting process.

Keep Changing the Maternity Pads at Regular Intervals

The very first period you have after giving birth to your kid can be very heavy. Though it gets back to normal gradually, it is important you keep changing the maternity pads at regular intervals. This avoids any infection that can be caused and also keeps the affected area clean.

Practise Core Breathing

The exercise of core breathing can be adapted to fasten the healing process. You can improve the blood circulation using this exercise and this helps in the regeneration of the tissues.

Do Not Douche

Never use douching to clean the vagina, especially when you have a vaginal tear. This can create more pressure on the affected area and also worsen the wound.

Make Use of Diluted Coconut Oil

You can apply diluted coconut oil on the affected area as it helps to fasten the healing process. Do not apply it directly on the wound but instead, you can soak it in a towel and compress gently. This will also provide relief from any pain you might have.

Always Wear Loose Clothing

You need to be very careful with the choice of clothing as it plays a very important role in the overall process of healing. The area might sweat if you wear tight clothing and this can increase the chance of infection.

Just follow the above-mentioned tips to fasten the healing process of vaginal tearing.

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