4 Natural Home Remedies to Treat Bulimia

An eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purging, Bulimia Nervosa is a condition that those people suffer from who want to maintain their weight at a certain level and will go to any extremes to do that. They might even take diuretics, laxatives and stimulants to achieve this effect, not realizing that this exercise could have a negative impact on their nervous system, apart from emotional and mental conditions like mood swings, depression, low self-esteem and chronic anxiety.

Bulimia nervosa isn’t life threatening, but can bring on depression and perhaps suicide too. Since bulimia nervosa isn’t a typical disease, there isn’t a cure for it. However, with psychosocial treatments and medicine people diagnosed with this condition can improve. Coupled with diet, behavioral treatments, homeopathy and natural treatments, patients with this condition show considerable improvement. A combination of various treatments can help people get over this problem and lead a normal life again.

Home treatment for those with bulimia nervosa is extremely important. This can be done with help from your doctor, dietician and counselor. Some of these strategies for home remedies include:

  • Don’t blame yourself for having bulimia nervosa. Try to spend enough time with family and friends and those who are affectionate towards you.
  • Don’t make grand plans for the future, make daily goals and achieve them.
  • Enlist your family’s support for trying to get over this condition.

Dietary remedies:

1. Oranges


Oranges can normalize and stimulate your appetite. Have a few segments of an orange through the day to reduce your tendency for binge eating. They are also rich in Vitamin C, which have antioxidant properties and can fend off any infection. It is also instrumental in producing collagen to repair broken tissues and therefore helps treat bulimia nervosa.

2. Spinach


Spinach is powerful enough to have a positive impact on all spheres of our health, but it is also rich in folic acid which gets rid of depression. By eating a diet rich in vegetables, the mental aspect of bulimia nervosa can be treated.

3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

One of the fallouts of bulimia nervosa is a crisis of self-image, which often comes along with binge eating, followed by purging. When an individual purges whatever she eats, she damages her gastrointestinal system, since it is being deprived of essential nutrients. This causes bloating.

Sufferers of this condition are extremely bothered about their weight and size and this makes them start the cycle again. To reduce bloating and to normalize an upset stomach, patients of bulimia nervosa should take aloe vera as it gets rid of any factors that stand in the way of recovery.

4. Probiotics


Probiotics are good for maintaining and restoring the immune system and digestive tract for patients of bulimia. Probiotics are found in kefir, yogurt, fermented miso, buttermilk, sour cream and sauerkraut. For best results, make the positive sources of probiotics a part of your daily diet.

Bulimia nervosa is very dangerous and destructive, though it isn’t fatal. The foods and strategies mentioned above should be taken only after checking with your doctor who can give you a complete treatment plan.

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