6 Effective Hacks to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Oooohhh… Pink, luscious and soft lips… Is there anything sexier than that??

But, when those beautiful lips turn red and is accompanied by soreness and peeling, it is both painful and embarrassing. Dry and chapped lips can make you feel conscious and unlike most other skin woes, they cannot be hidden or masked. Try and apply some salve or load your chapped lips with lipstick and they will only stand out more! So, what do you do when your pretty soft lips go dry and chapped? Try a few remedies!!!! Today we present to you a few home remedies that women across the globe tout to be no less than a miracle.

1. Honey and Vaseline:

There is no better cure for chapped lips than a salve of honey. A natural humectant, honey is replete with anti-bacterial properties and is considered one of the best natural healing ingredients that man has known. Vaseline on the other hand has been used since time immemorial to nourish and protect lips and skin from drying. And, when you combine these two ingredients, you get yourself one of the best ever home remedies for chapped lips!

How to Use:

  1. Coat your lips with generous amount of pure honey.
  2. Follow this up with an application of Vaseline and let it stay for at least 15 minutes. This will help your skin absorb the goodness of honey while providing additional hydration.
  3. Use a damp clean cloth to remove the honey and Vaseline.
  4. Repeat this on alternate days for best results.

2. Rose Petals:

Rose petals have been used in cosmetics and beauty treatments since Cleopatra’s times. It possesses skin lightening properties and also hydrate your lips naturally. Rose petals can make your skin pink, soft and smooth again.

How to Use:

  1. Soak a few fresh rose petals in a cup of raw milk overnight.
  2. Mash the petals into a smooth paste and apply the paste on your dry lips.
  3. Allow the paste to stay on your lips for at least 20 minutes before you wash it off with cool water.

3. Lemon:

If you are looking for a home remedy that has no side effects and treats chapped lips effectively, you are in luck. A paste of lemon and honey will do wonders in treating dark and chapped lips. Lemon is a natural bleach while honey nourishes the lips and protects them from the harmful effects of free radicals.

How to Use:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in a bowl. To this add a half teaspoon of castor oil.
  2. Apply this paste on your lips before bed time.
  3. Repeat this diligently for at least 10 days for visible results.

4. Mustard Oil:

While it may seem rather counterintuitive, an application of mustard oil on your navel can make your lips soft and supple. This is supposedly an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that actually works.

How to Use:

Simply massage a few drops of warm mustard oil on your belly button before you go to bed and see your lips turn pink, soft and supple.

5. Cucumber:

Use those cucumbers in your pantry to treat your chapped lips. Cucumber has skin lightening and hydrating properties and hence can help hydrate, nourish and pamper your lips as well as remove tan naturally.

How to Use:

  1. Slice a cucumber and rub it in circular motions on your chapped lips.
  2. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with plain water.

6. Brown Sugar:

The chill in the air can make your skin dry, chapped and crusty. If your lips are bleeding and sore, remember that they will turn crusty soon. And, for this you need a simple lip exfoliator that will gently do away with dead skin and make your lips soft again.

How to Use:

  1. Mix a heapful of brown sugar with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil.
  2. Scrub this onto your lips to gently exfoliate dead skin.
  3. Leave it on for a minute and wipe off with a damp cloth.
  4. Follow up with an herbal lip balm.

Chapped skin need not be a nightmare. Try these simple remedies and your skin will become your best ever feature. Feel free to try one or more them in conjunction with each other for better results.

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