7 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Are you afraid of going to the bathroom in the morning? Is hemorrhoid pain making you miserable? You are not alone. Statistics reveal that in the United States, as many as 75% of the population suffer from hemorrhoids, also known as piles, at some point in their lives. It commonly occurs among people aged between 45 and 65. There are several factors that contribute to this painful problem – constipation, obesity, low-fiber diet, family history, lack of physical activity, food allergies, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting or standing and pregnancy, to name a few.

There is some good news, however, for those who suffer from piles. There are a number of natural remedies that you can use to treat the problem and gain relief from its symptoms. These remedies involve simple, natural ingredients that you are sure to find at home.

1. Aloe Vera

As you may already know, aloe vera has powerful medicinal properties that make it highly effective in treating many health issues, including hemorrhoids. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help in quickly alleviating the symptoms of piles and hydrating the swollen veins.

How to use : 

  • For internal piles, cut aloe vera leaves into strips, making sure that you get rid of the thorn-like parts, and then freeze the strips. Apply the ice-cold aloe vera strip on your hemorrhoid, and you will quickly get relief from the pain and the itching and burning sensation.
  • For external hemorrhoids, apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on your anus and gently massage for a few minutes. This will alleviate the pain and soothe the burning sensation as well.

2. Olive Oil

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, olive is an excellent natural remedy for external hemorrhoids. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn help in reducing inflammation and shrinking the size of swollen blood vessels in the anal canal.

How to use : 

  • One way to use olive oil for piles is to consume 1 teaspoon of olive oil every day. It will help in reducing inflammation and the monounsaturated fats that it contains will improve the excretory system’s function.
  • Alternatively, you can also crush some plum leaves to extract the juice and mix it with olive oil. Apply the mixture on the hemorrhoids and you will get relief from the pain and swelling that comes with the problem.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, or ACV, has astringent properties that make it effective for internal and external hemorrhoids. It helps in shrinking swollen blood vessels and relieving irritation and swelling associated with both types of hemorrhoids. For best results, you should make sure that you use unpasteurized and unfiltered ACV.

How to use : 

  • For external hemorrhoids, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and gently press against the inflamed area. You will feel a stinging sensation at first but it will be replaced by relief from irritation and itching. Repeat this several times a day until you notice a decrease in the swelling.
  • For internal hemorrhoids, add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of water. Drink this at least 2 times a day. You can improve the taste by adding a little honey to it.

4. Black Tea Bags

Tea contains tannic acid which is a type of natural astringent that works well in treating hemorrhoids. It effectively reduces the pain and swelling that comes with this condition. It is a good idea to stock up on black tea bags if you suffer from piles.

  • First, put a black tea bag in a cup of hot water. Then remove and let it cool a bit.
  • Apply the warm tea bag to the swollen veins for 10 minutes or so.
  • Repeat this 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Alternatively, you can also used cold, used tea bags. Apply it to the hemorrhoids for 5 to 10 minutes for relieve from the symptoms.


5. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel works as a mild astringent and has healing properties that ease the pain and discomfort associated with piles. Its astringent property has the ability to shrink blood vessels that are inflamed and relieve pain, swelling and itching.

How to use : 

  • Apply undistilled witch hazel on your hemorrhoids with a cotton ball. Repeat this at least 3 times a day.
  • Alternatively, there are medicated pads that contain witch hazel – you can buy these and use them to treat your piles. You should use these moist wiping pads instead or in combination with toilet paper. This is one of the best ways to product the anus from microorganisms and irritation.

6. Ice

This is one of the most recommended home remedies for treating hemorrhoids. Ice helps in constricting the blood vessels and reducing the swelling caused by piles. It also provides instant relief from pain.

How to use : 

  • Apply a partially melted ice cube wrapped in a soft, clean cloth or an ice pack directly on the hemorrhoid for 10 minutes or so. Repeat several times a day until you notice that the hemorrhoid has gone away.
  • You can even use a small pack of frozen corn or peas.
  • Wrap the pack in a clean tea towel and apply it on the affected area. Repeat this for 20 minutes at a time, 3 times a day.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is packed with many vital nutrients that can provide relief from hemorrhoids. It strengthens the blood vessel walls and the capillaries, therefore helping in treating the painful problem effectively.

How to use : 

  • Soak a cotton ball with fresh lemon juice and apply it on the affected area. You will initially feel a mild burning or tingling sensation, but it will soon be replaced with relief from the pain.
  • An alternative lemon juice remedy is a mixture of juice from half a lemon and a cup of hot milk. For best results, drink this mixture every 3 hours throughout the day.
  • Additionally, you can mix 1/2 a teaspoon each of fresh lemon juice, mint juice, ginger juice and honey. Drink this once every day to get relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

If you leave hemorrhoids unchecked and untreated for too long, they may result in complications such as strangulated piles, chronic blood loss, tissue death and even colorectal or anal cancer. Keep in mind that some of the best and most effective treatments are natural or home remedies using simple ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. However, if the problem persists for too long, you should consult a doctor.


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