7 Tips to Treat Fatty Liver at Home Naturally

Fatty liver is a health condition associated with a build-up of fat within liver cells. It is one of the liver diseases that it impairs the function of the liver, leading to other health complications. The build-up of fat in the liver is gradual. It can take up to a decade before you start experiencing associated symptoms.

Some of the symptoms associated with this condition include general body fatigue, loss of appetite, feeling of nausea, bloating, dark urine, constipation, excessive sweat, discomfort in the lower part of your abdomen and unexplained feeling of being sick.

There are several factors that can cause fatty liver disease. They include lack of protein in your system, obesity, fast loss of weight, diabetes type-2, genetics, high blood pressure, increased level of lipids in the blood, bypass surgery of the intestines, medications, malnutrition and sleep apnea among other causes. The condition can also be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

There is no cure for fatty liver. However, there are a good number of home remedies that are effective in reversing the condition.

Lifestyle Changes

Making slight changes in your lifestyle goes a long way in reversing fatty liver disease. You need to avoid or limit consumption of alcohol in case you drink. It is also important to engage in physical exercise on a regular basis. This can be very helpful in case you are overweight or obese.


Diet Changes

Development of fatty liver disease is closely linked to diet. Making changes in your diet goes a long way in reversing the condition. You particularly need to avoid processed and fried foods. This is because your body converts the same into triglycerides, which get deposited in your liver. Instead, stick to whole grains.



It is very important that you choose the type of fat you use for cooking with care. You need to avoid saturated fat and such foods as red meat and dairy products that contain saturated fat. Instead, use such healthy oils as sunflower, sesame, olive and peanut oils. One of the most important oils you need to use is black seed oil. This oil has been proved to be very effective in addressing complications brought about by fatty liver disease in addition to stopping the progression of the condition.


Vegetables and Fruits

Including raw fruits and vegetables are very good at reversing fatty liver disease. In particular, consider extracting raw vegetable juice from such vegetables as broccoli, cauliflower, kale and asparagus. Your body will digest the juice with ease to extract the vital nutrients that help in eliminating build-up fat in your liver.


High fiber foods

High fiber foods including ginger root and sweet potatoes are very good at reversing fatty liver. They do not only improve your digestive system but also contain varied vitamins and minerals that help in cleansing the liver of fat and other toxins.



You seriously need to make it a habit to eating ripe bananas every day to reverse fatty liver disease. Bananas contain fiber and potassium. It is very effective in improving digestion and removing toxins from your body including from the liver.


Dandelion Root

Dandelion root contains important nutrients and vitamins that help in cleansing the liver of deposited fat and toxins. Drinking Dandelion tea is also good because doing so helps to minimize inflammations in your body including the liver.

Fatty liver disease is a serious health condition. In addition to causing other health conditions, the liver can get damaged, which can be a life-threatening situation. Using any or a combination of the above home remedies can easily reverse the condition to live a normal life.

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